Welcome to Bus Rage..

Bus Rage is an iPhone app, but not just any rage iPhone app. Bus Rage is a hugely, insanely, therapeutic online bus driving game designed so that you (the player) can run over anyone you want with your own bus!! You are able to fully customize your target so you hit exactly who you want! All from the comfort of your iPhone!

Mad at your neighborhood sandwich shop owner for giving you turkey instead of ham? Bus Rage him!

Mad at your ex girlfriend for finding someone else so soon (how dare she)? Bus Rage her!

Mad at the person who didn’t wipe down the machine at the gym, while seeing you waiting for the machine? Bus Rage him!

Bus Rage is a fun, entertaining and hilarious game to take out all your frustrations on the people who make you mad…or even people you love!!! It’s like therapy, only it’s way cheaper.


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